Cupid (2015)

With another film already in the pipeline, Brighton based film production company ‘23½’ released its fourth short film this year, titled Cupid.

At 3 minutes and 38 seconds long, Cupid’s writer and director, Daniel Harding, manages to leave you asking so many questions it’s hard not
to find yourself wanting more.

A chance passing makes two strangers feel compelled to stop in their tracks and talk. After a snippet of awkward conversation the two
discover they have nothing in common, undeterred by this, the pair feel strongly like they’re meant to see each other again.

The encounter feels uncomfortable and strange from the beginning, for both the characters and the viewer. The lack of a soundtrack adds to
the mood of the film, embellishing the silences and leaving you feeling like you just witnessed something you shouldn’t have.

They say opposites attract, but why? Perhaps this charming short film has the answer.

A short film should either leave you wanting more, or keep you thinking about it long after it’s finished. Creating engaging characters
with such a short time-frame is a challenge, but Cupid hits the mark.

Watch the full film for free, here.


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